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Mom of a Newborn girl

Q.what is your atm pin

RiyaExpecting Father due in 1 month2 weeks ago
A. 100
Father of a 4 m old boy

Q.What your age ?

Author of questionExpecting Father due this month3 weeks ago
A. 25
Guardian of a 4 m old boy

Q.There are rashes on the back side of my baby .What to do

Madhavi GaikwadMom of 2 children2 weeks ago
A. apply some oil on rashes
Father of a 1 yr old girl

Q.Which cream to apply for skin rashes for my baby?

ViratExpecting Father due this month3 weeks ago
A. Nothing
Trying To Conceive

Q.ganing weight what to do?

RiyaExpecting Mom due this month4 days ago
A. gain tye data

Q.How many time to feed new born?

Father of a 1 yr old girl

Q.MY kid is suffering from fever? Can you tell me what to do?

Father of a 1 yr old girl

Q.tummy, stomach, dabur

Mom of a 2 yr old boy many times we can walk milk alcohol?

Q.What is good oil for baby?

Q.Suggest a sop for new born?

Guardian of 2 children

Q.Please Suggest Names with N.?

Mom of a 1 yr 10 m old boy

Q.Ask a questions for baby id

ExpertdhOrthopaedics surgeon11 months ago
A. jkhk
Mom of a Newborn girl

Q.What is the good product?

Firstcry user2 months ago
A. hi ankush how are you you can take the due vaccination after this lockdown period is case of certain emergency like this epidemic breakouts you can get the vaccination delayed.take care
Mom of a 3 yr old girl

Q.Best baby clothing brand?

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